Does your procurement control you?

Supplier contracts, quarterly price reviews and manual quote requests are all normal processes in hotel procurement.

But they leave you with little control over your purchasing.

Limited choices

Set cost

One quality standard

No visibility over expenditure decisions

Limited opportunity to trial new processes

Take back control with Real Time Marketplace

Real Time Market place speaks for itself.

When you have access to real time pricing across all products and suppliers, you no longer get tied up in the restrictions of traditional procurement.

Real Time Marketplace offers you the benefit of:

Choice – Get a real choice in the products you buy, without the tedium of flicking through hundreds of brochures and calling dozens of suppliers. You’ll never be locked into one price or supplier, so you’re guaranteed the best price every time.

Live Market Price – You wouldn’t buy shares based on last week’s price, so don’t buy products based on historical pricing data. Get live, up-to-date pricing based on real-time data so you can be 100% sure you’re getting the most for your money

Guidance – Marketboomer’s Price Premium Alert will tell you when you are about to pay more than you should, so you can make an informed decision about the amount you’re willing to pay. And if the best priced item isn’t chosen, you’ll be able to see – so you can find out why.

While your competitors are using yesterday’s data to make purchasing decisions today, get ahead and make smarter choices with the Marketboomer platform Real Time Marketplace.

See Real Time Marketplace in action

Real Time Market place is the idea – and the difference – behind the Marketboomer’s core software module that gives you access to live dynamic pricing (and all the benefits that comes with it).

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More than just real-time pricing

Real Time Marketplace demonstrates a new era in hotel procurement that improves not just the cost savings, but simplifies the entire process.


Easy access to best price & quality, as well as the ability to choose preferred suppliers. This simplifies purchasing and removes the need for multiple approvals.

Mutual Benefits

Hotels gain control & visibility over their purchases while saving on costs, and suppliers automatically get connected to new markets.

Removed Control

Setting processes around purchasing, budgets and supply preference allows you to trust the process without getting hands-on.

Complete Visibility

Empower your staff to have confidence in their decisions, but enjoy full visibility over every purchase.

Real Time Marketplace is just one of the features that allows us to deliver quicker, easier, better hotel procurement.

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