91% of hotels say they don’t get the level of automation they need.

Why? Automation can be ambiguous. What a lot of ‘automation software’ really offers is “a few automated functions – if you manually set it up properly first.”

It gives you a sense of control, but it doesn’t deliver the benefits.

When manual processes are needed, procurement immediately becomes more complex, more prone to error, and more expensive.

Countless saved dollars. Hours of freed up time. Full visibility on every purchasing decision made.

By utilising the best of automation technology, we’ve taken inefficient procurement processes and created simple software solutions to offer you a better way to buy.

Our range of tools carry out different functions, but all integrate to create an overall better procurement experience.

Purchase Plus

Remove the hassle of searching each supplier for the best price. Get the right price and product every time with real time updated supplier and pricing information.

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Paperless Invoicing

Automatically input all your invoices into your AP/ERP system – regardless of the format you received them in – for full visibility over invoice and payment information.

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Fast Pay

Save even more on purchases. View and claim early-pay benefits from suppliers who offer an incentive for early payments.

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The platform we wished we had

The Marketboomer platform isn’t just about having the latest and greatest technology. It’s a procurement platform made for hotel and hospitality professionals, by hotel and hospitality professionals.

Enjoy the benefits you’ve always dreamed of:

  • A range of fully integrated tools you can add and use as you need them
  • Complete control over all procurement processes
  • Full automation – you get what you think you’re getting
  • Saved time, money and effort

Automation – what’s the big deal?

Learn more about automation technology that makes our platform possible.

Discover the power of automation

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