You get what you pay for…

…So, if you’re not paying for your purchases, you’re likely to run into some problems.

When you’re ordering high volume stock from multiple suppliers, invoice payments can easily slip through the cracks.

But when they do, it can cause major headaches for everyone involved

  • Suppliers are left out of pocket
  • Supplier/buyer relationships can be damaged or broken
  • Budgeting and financials become incorrect
  • Time, money and effort is spent chasing up discrepancies

Correct and timely payments are a non-negotiable for good business.

Pay less when you pay more often

Get on top of your invoices – and get a little something in return for your troubles.

Through FastPay, suppliers can sign up to offer a discount for buyers who make an early payment, and hotels can sign up to commit to a weekly pay cycle.

The result? A mutually beneficial agreement where suppliers get paid on time, and buyers are able to save money on their order.

FastPay operates through Paperless Invoicing [LINK], so you can ensure your invoices will be approved and paid on time, and your discount automatically applied or saved.

Discounted invoices

Get charged less for your purchase, simply by agreeing to a weekly pay cycle.

Faster Payment

Suppliers can count on regular, timely payments for their goods and services.

Reduced Overheads

Reduce the costs of invoicing, approving and processing, as well as those associated with following up late or inaccurate payments.

Improved Relationships

Strengthen your relationships with your supplier and buyer through mutual respect and reciprocity.

Fast Pay Features

  • Electronic invoices (supplier send invoices electronically through Paperless Invoicing)
  • Automated discount (Automatically claim your discount with each payment, and store them for future use)

But wait, there’s more

FastPay is a module of our Purchase Plus system. Discover the other capabilities you can achieve with our platform.

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Get more bang for your buck

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