Payments can be painful

Something as simple as paying for goods and services can become a nightmare when your systems can’t do what you want them to.

When you’re paying for something, you want to know the details. Who? When? Why? And most importantly, how much?

But hotel invoicing systems are often over-complicated and under-supported by software.

Multiple formats

Different suppliers send invoices in different formats which aren’t supported by your system.

Manually Heavy

Invoices need to be entered into the system manually, which is time consuming and open to error.

Poor Visibility

Once entered, all you get is a reference number, leaving you in the dark on invoice details.

Not only is this confusing, it can easily lead to overpayments, underpayments, double payments, no payment… you see where this is going.

Paperless invoicing is painless invoicing

Paperless Invoicing is software that makes invoicing easy and automatic. get quick and complete access to payment information.

Automated Data Entry

Invoice data is automatically entered into your system, so there’s no need to waste staff – or risk error – by manually entering invoice information.

Automate Approvals

Automatically 3-way match with the PO number and receiving note to automatically approve invoices. If there isn’t a match, the invoice will be flagged for approval.

Format Integration with AP/ERP

No matter what format your invoice is sent in, it will be automatically integrated with your AP or ERP system when it is recevied.

Detailed Visibility

Don’t get stuck with a meaningless reference number. Have a full view of all details of all invoices, past and present.

Unlimited Capacity

Process, approve, pay and store an unlimited amount of invoices – and never use your filing cabinet again.

Paperless Invoicing Features

  • Accepts multiple formats
  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Keep fast pay discounts
  • Archive history
  • Speed reporting

But wait, there’s more

Paperless Invoicing is just one of the modules of our Purchase Plus system. Discover the other capabilities you can achieve with our platform.

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Make invoicing easy

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