How long do you have to wait for your invoices to be paid?

For many suppliers, the delayed payment of invoices is a costly, but common problem.

Hotel invoicing process can often be clunky, manual and overwrought – leading to multiple, compounding problems for you.

Increased risk of late, incorrect or skipped payment

Overhead costs driven up by constant follow-ups

Loss of capital tied up in unpaid for products and deliveries

But your hardships don’t end there.

Your whole business relies on your ability to offer your buyers what they want when they want it.

You need to be able to maintain competitive prices, have insight into what your buyers will be searching for, and build strong, positive relationships with each customer.

Failing to deliver on buyer demand can see them move onto the new supplier in no time.

Know what your buyers want, sell it to them, and get paid straight away.

Simplifying the process for buyers can completely change the way they interact with you. And, in turn, can improve your relationship, your communication, and your ability to serve and sell to them.

Something as simple as the right software can help you sell more, and see those profits returned to you faster.

Marketboomer software was created by a team who has suffered through the problems of buying, selling and invoicing for hotels before. It’s an experience that has allowed us to create software that solves the specific problems you face every day.

Connect Directly with your Buyers

Online catalogues let your buyers find you and your products through detailed search functions.

Decrease Invoicing Errors

Automated invoicing will streamline your buyers invoice approval, payment and notifiactions regardless of your invoice format.

Control your costs

View the status of all invoices without following up, and make smart stock decisions based on confirmed pay dates.

Incentivise Early Payment

Take control of your payments by offering automatically-applied discounts to buyers who agree to pay on a weekly-cycle.

Our software brings the whole process together with automation & integration

Each software module serves a specific purpose, but deliver the whole package when used together.

Sell with complete transparency through Purchase Plus

Let your buyers find you through online catalogues, and increase your sales by offering what they want at competitive prices. Everything happens in real time, allowing you to get better, quicker communication with your buyers.

Minimise invoice & payment errors with Paperless Invoicing

Ensure invoice clarity for your customers with all-format invoice integration, and spend less time chasing up payments by viewing the status of every single invoice in real-time.

Guarantee fast & frequent pay cycles with Fast Pay

Build better relationships with buyers and increase your cash flow by offering discounts for weekly payments.

Know what your buyers want, before they look for it

Being able to sell well means knowing what people want to buy. Having some insight into buying habits and trends lets you invest in the right products, market to the right customers and ensure competitive pricing and offers.

With Marketshare Insights, you can achieve just this.

Marketshare insights can help you build better, more competitive business strategies with insight to market trends and buyer insights.

Strengthen your business by strengthening your knowledge of the market.

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Many popular industry suppliers have already jumped on board as partners to gain better access to buyers.

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