Have you ever gone through the
procurement process, only to find…

  • You can’t find the best price for your order
  • You can’t find a supplier who offers the product you want
  • You’ve received inaccurate purchase orders, invoices or deliveries – and had to reorder, redeliver and organise credit notes
  • You missed an opportunity to save costs on a high-volume order

Poor visibility over procedures and the inability to report on them leads to having to deal with these issues over and over again.

When you can’t see why a problem is occurring, you can’t stop it from happening again.

Make data the centre of your attention with Centralised Data

Data is the why, when, where, who, how, and what of procurement. When you have easy access to your data, you can easily make decisions which improve your procurement process.

Centralised Data gives you just that – accurate, usable insights, right at your fingertips.

Not only can you make internal cost and time-saving decisions, but you can better control external processes as well.

Centralised Data provides common ground for you and your suppliers — no miscommunication, no endless back and forth, no confusion over who sells what for which price. Everything is in one place, easy to see and easy to interpret.

See Centralised Data in action

Data drives decisions. Marketboomer software empowers you to make better decisions and easier comparisons through powerful data capture presented in a central, uniform view.

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Saved Time & Money

The Master Supplier Directory includes supplier details and pricing catalogues, allowing you to search for a supplier or product, find it easily and compare prices for any given product.

Integrated Systems

Centralised data means all your systems are using the same data, decirption and language – making it simple to integrate them all for ease of use.

Simplified Communication

Eliminate the risk of delivery errors and misidentified products. The Master Product Catalogue maps products to a single description, ensuring you and your supplier are using the same description.

Improved reporting

Easily report on suppliers and product spend across the business to identify opportunities for savings or better procurement performance.

Centralised Data is just one of the features that allow us to deliver quicker, easier, and better hotel procurement.

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