Don’t underestimate the power of procurement

Every purchase you make affects the value and experience you can offer your guests. But getting it right isn’t always easy. Procurement is more than simply making an order and receiving a delivery. The process is made up of many different steps. And if you can’t control each one of them, you risk losing the power to deliver the best.

You have the right price, but not the right payment system.

Not paying the right amount at the right time can sour relationships with suppliers, or see you charged extra fees.

You have the right payment system, but no way to analyse those payments.

You’re getting payments right, but have no way to analyse trends or unnecessary costs to help you save.

You have a clear process, but no visibility over the what, when and why of errors.

You have a purchasing process, but if an error occurs, you’re unable to see who or what is to blame, and are unable to fix the process to avoid recurring mistakes.

The pieces that pull procurement together

Inefficiencies and inconsistencies in procurement are common. That’s because the systems and software you use aren’t providing you with the capacities required to take control.

Until now.

There are three key features that, when used together, change what you can achieve through procurement; delivering the best experience for guests (and staff) every time. Experience them once, and you’ll wonder how you ever did it without them.

Real Time Marketplace

Control the cost and quality of every product you order with all information visible online in real time.

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Robotic Automation

Control the procurement process with automated ordering, approval and payment flows.

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Centralised Data

Take control of smart decision-making with total visibility and accurate analysis of all procurement data.

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The star features of
Marketboomer software

How do we know that these features are the answer to your procurement woes? Well, we’ve been there.

As a team of hotel and hospitality professionals, we know firsthand the shortcomings of procurement systems. We considered what was missing from procurement, and what was vital to make it a good process.

The answer was the combined force of these features, and the result is complete control over every step.

Discover the difference of featureful software.

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Feature Benefits

  • Complete automation
  • Integrated systems and streamlined processes
  • Full visibility across procurement
  • Consistency with every purchase, payment and decision
  • Cost savings on every purchase
  • Purchasing and cost analysis
  • Uniform, accessible data

Knowledge is power

If you have more questions about Marketboomer features or software, our team are on hand to answer them.

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