Make Procurement Easier Than Ever

Turn procurement from one of the most time-consuming and costly processes in your hotel to one of the most efficient and simplest.

Multiple staff, several days, hundreds of suppliers and hours of staff time – it can be easy to lose control of procurement.
The Marketboomer platform allows you to combine, connect and simplify for an easier procurement experience.

By bringing all your procurement processes together, you can achieve better control over your purchases, your payments and your data – meaning better visibility, increased productivity, and higher cost savings.



Instant Price &
Quality Review

Integrated Payment

3 Features For Greater Control

Helpful on their own, powerful together.
The key technologies behind Marketboomer software that take your procurement abilities to the next level.

Access live pricing changes in a
Real Time Marketplace

Say goodbye to supplier contracts and uncompetitive pricing. Purchase online with real-time pricing updates from thousands of suppliers.


Effortlessly delegate purchasing
authority with Robotic Automation

Procurement no longer requires long approval processes and interrupted productivity. Automate approvals and delegate purchasing authority.


Make minute by minute informed decisions with
Centralised Data

Put an end to uninformed decision-making and trial and error ordering. Gain immediate access to all purchasing, payment, supplier and margin data.


The tools to bring it all together

Utilise the advantages of complete automation with software designed for hotels, by hotel professionals.

Purchase Plus

The core of what we do – your gateway to the real-time marketplace

Paperless Invoicing

Read, pay, process & review every invoice, no matter the format

Fast Pay

Pay early? Get rewarded. Claim discounts for early invoice payment

Companies we’ve helped take control of their procurement

We used to be you.
That’s why we created Marketboomer

We know the pain of sifting through thousands of
suppliers to find the right price.