Writing lists, requesting quotes, multiple step approvals, copious paperwork…Sound familiar?

In your hotel, procurement involves multiple steps to get from “I need this” to “I have this.” And there’s room for error at every step.

Teams request an item that is unknowingly more expensive than necessary

The invoice is paid incorrectly because there was an error in the manual entry

Paperwork gets lost, confused, worn or torn

Orders go through multiple approvals – crossed out, rewritten, denied

Human error is part of human nature. Staff can only work with what you give them, so set them up to succeed.

Improve productivity by reducing human error

Traditional procurement is the equivalent of having too many cooks in the kitchen – and we all know how that ends.

Robotic automation allows you to create easily followed processes and completely automated tasks – increasing productivity, removing errors and improving clarity for all involved.

Simply make a decision once, then let the robot implement it as a rule across your entire operation. Use automation to standardise things like rules, processes and compliance, without the need to implement the change through people.


Automated processes ensure tasks are carried out without variance each and every time.


If something goes astray, you’ll know why, how and when.


Your staff no longer need to spend time on data entry, requesting quotes, and chasing approvals.

The result? Faster, more accurate, less interrupted procurement.

See Robotic Automation in action

Robotic Automation is at the centre of the Marketboomer platform – it’s what makes it efficient, effective and easy to use. Implemented throughout each module, it’s been used to optimise purchasing, payments and everything in between.

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Less Paperwork

Save a tree – and yourself. Going paperless saves you time, money, and from mistakes (and ironically, makes it easier to follow the paper trail).


Empower your staff to make good, quick decisions with automated purchasing and approval processes.

Saved Time

Eliminate the time it takes to request quotes, receive multiple approvals or check the status of an invoice.

Removed Control

Setting processes around purchasing, budgets and supply preference allows you to trust the process without getting hands-on.

Robotic Automation is just one of the features that allows us to deliver quicker, easier, and better hotel procurement.

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