Procurement should be efficient,
effective, and valuable

How do you know if your procurement is ‘optimised’?

Optimal procurement simplifies all aspects of the process while adding value to your business:


You have instant access to all the right products at the best price. Ordering and re-ordering is quick and easy.


You can make payments on time and automatically, and have clear visibility over all your invoices.


You maintain positive relationships with your suppliers, and access to a wide supplier network.

All this should take minimal manual handling, next to no downtime, and no procurement mistakes or mishaps.

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A 5-minute health check could save your procurement

Our Procurement Health Check tool lets you easily see what part of your procurement is working, and what might be underperforming.

The 20-question survey takes only 5 minutes, and will give you:

  • Prioritised insights into gaps vs. best practice for hotels
  • Confidence about what doesn’t need fixing – or at least not right now, and
  • A detailed report to share with colleagues

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Get the most out of your procurement

A healthy procurement process can improve the health and performance of your hotel.

At Marketboomer, we know that inefficient procurement can have devastating flow-on effects for the rest of your business. Which is why we created the world’s first fully-automated hotel procurement software.

Our software gives you both complete control over daily procurement, and the data you need to make long term business decisions.

If you’re interested in improving your procurement processes, saving time and money, and setting your business up for the future, get in touch with us to discuss your options.