While working in procurement, Marketboomer CEO Nathan Gyaneshwar was constantly interrupted with the thud of heavy supplier catalogues landing on his desk.

Hundreds of pages worth of suppliers, products and prices, constantly piling up.

One weekend, while comparing supplier catalogues on his dining table, a friend asked what he was doing. He said he was comparing three supplier catalogues for prices and writing down the best-priced supplier for every item he purchased.

The friend asked why he didn’t do it on a spreadsheet and why the suppliers couldn’t update their prices using the internet to save him doing it.

Marketboomer was born.

Comparing procurement invoices before and after Purchase Plus - Paperless Invoicing

Photo submitted by a Purchase Plus customer.
Left: 5 days’ invoices (before Paperless Invoicing) from 10-14 Sep 2018.
Right: 5 days’ invoices (after Paperless Invoicing) from 29 July – 2 Aug 2019.

Our goal is to ensure that you buy better and sell smarter

Because we work with both buyers and suppliers, we’re not just interested in the best price or the quickest payment. Our software is made to improve procurement processes and outcomes for everyone; from hotel owners, staff and guests, to product suppliers.

How we help hotels

How we help suppliers

How does Marketboomer help?
Let me count the ways

Now servicing hundreds of hotels globally, Marketboomer is helping to remove the inefficiencies of procurement through automated, integrated software.

When you have access to the right procurement platform, you can not only save time and money, but optimise your spend and strengthen internal processes.

Get the most out of your procurement

If you’re interested in improving your procurement processes, saving time and money and setting your business up for the future, get in touch with us.

Contact the Marketboomer team for more information on our software, or to organise a no-obligation demo.