The Problem

Anglicare was struggling with price comparison and price update. Anglicare needed a user friendly RFQ application that would allow them to save time and money whilst maintaining relationships with their suppliers.

The Solution

Use Purchase Plus for RFQ’s as a contract management tool, to get the best price and update theirs and suppliers information easily.

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What They Say

Category  % Savings
Dry Goods II 8.84%
Dry Goods I 10.81%
 Seafood  8.21%
 Poultry  5.84%
 Meat 6.15%
 Return on Investment  47 days


$163k cost savings within 5 categories in only 4 months

Results So Far

“Building strong vendor relationships while ensuring the right amount of competitive tension is always a balancing act. Marketboomer helps get this right by providing a clear process and transparency for both Anglicare and our valued suppliers.”

Grant Kelly
Catering Services Manager